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SchwörerHaus establishes digital processes while protecting valuable resources

The use of Bluebeam Revu at SchwörerHaus quickly paid off. Paper consumption in the company has been minimized, conserving valuable natural resources and saving a lot of time. In addition, projects become much more transparent and traceable, reducing the frequency of errors.

SchwörerHaus establishes digital processes while protecting valuable resources


Hohenstein-Oberstetten, Germany

Nemetschek Group Brands





SchwörerHaus KG

SchwörerHaus relies on Bluebeam Revu for planning, plan review, quantity takeoff and material procurement

The dream of owning your own home remains a lifelong dream for many. Given the importance of such a large financial decision, it is important to formulate your vision for your home together with the architect's office and construction company in such a way that the design, implementation quality and ultimately the costs are right. With rising raw material and product prices and ever scarcer construction and finishing materials, it is important to build as resourcfully as possible. SchwörerHaus KG is the largest part of the Schwörer group of companies based in Hohenstein-Oberstetten. They specialize in not just residential but also prefabricated structures. 


Designing, planning and construction processes that are digital and efficeint are more important than ever. Rising prices and scarcity of resources for building materials, as well as tight schedules, are putting even more focus on the tasks involved. SchwörerHaus KG, one of the largest prefabricated house companies in Germany, was looking for software that would support and facilitate the entire project process. In addition to a digital review of planning documents and digital project approval and archiving, the new solution also need to optimize material ordering. In addition, there was the great desire to save paper and storage space, because until then every project filled numerous folders full of printed plans and documents.


In late summer 2019, the search began for a software solution that would primarily be used to annotate PDF plans and project documents. It quickly became apparent that Bluebeam Revu was superior to its market competitors in this respect. The solution can be used at SchwörerHaus for a wide range of other tasks, such as checking quantity calculations as well as for work preparation or ordering materials. Bluebeam Revu also helps to assign projects transparently and project responsibilities clearly. 

  • Digital plan verification creates security for correct project implementation
  • Exact comparison quantities - directly from the PDF document
  • Collaboration with project partners noticeably easier thanks to digital exchange
  • Fewer paper printouts for resource-saving use of paper
  • Digital and legally secure archiving saves valuable storage space
  • Digital process chain planning and construction with fewer potential for errors
  • Comprehensive support in work preparation and ordering of materials
  • Quick training and easy operation